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The Intersect is your portal to understanding how Hollywood and Wall Street collide. This is the business of Tinseltown. Delivered to your email. Smart, analytical, and something you can trade off. It’s the best way to keep up with the Big Media conglomerates that influence financial markets – Disney, Warner Bros. Discovery, Fox, Comcast’s NBCUniversal, Netflix, Paramount, Sony, and Lionsgate. And the scrappy upstarts like Candle Media or the big talent agencies like Endeavor. We’ll also wade into how tech giants like Amazon, Apple, and Facebook push further into show biz.

There’s an open secret in journalism about trade reporters covering Hollywood – they think they’re part of the entertainment industry. Many of them interview studio executives for stories, and then pitch them their latest screenplay or streaming series idea. Not The Intersect. In fact, you can read our Ethics Guidelines here. You're only going to read quality business journalism written by experienced reporters, columnists, and guest posts – not some kid fresh out of j-school (unless they are really good). 

We talk to the decision makers – scouring the trading floors at big banks, institutional investors, and Hollywood’s C-Suite – for the next big scoop. We’re not elitist, we’re not inside baseball, and we certainly aren’t depending on big studios for funding. The Intersect is your only independent voice for smart, quality takes on the entertainment industry that our bigger (more insidery) rivals can’t seem to figure out.

New stories are posted daily (and not from some AI chatbot). Newsletters arrive three days a week, including our flagship “Intersect Week Ahead” that guides readers through the events investors and entertainment executives must pay attention to. It’s written by Joe Bel Bruno and a network of other top journalists. Joe is an award-winning journalist who covered Wall Street for major outlets like the Associated Press, Wall Street Journal, and The Los Angeles Times. He then transitioned to Hollywood as managing editor of Variety, news director for The Hollywood Reporter, and editor at large for The Wrap.

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Joe Bel Bruno spent decades covering finance for The Wall Street Journal, Associated Press, and Los Angeles Times before leading entertainment industry coverage for Variety and The Hollywood Reporter.